Why Your Masjid Should Use Masjidal?


Fully integrated solutions built for Masajids.

Why masjidal

From prayer time management to flexible digital signage, reach your congregants like never before. One account to manage multiple platforms. The most complete and robust solutions for your Masjid, and yes, most of the features are free.

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Reach Households

Our next-generation Athan clock is designed to  strengthen the connection between the community and their Masajids. Build a stronger connection by sending announcement messages and notifications to reach the entire household and not just an individual. It displays your Masjid’s prayer/iqamah timings without any cost to you.

Digital Signage

Use our Al-Iqamah solution to display Salah/Iqamah timings on any TV. Display your content such as images and websites easily with a click of a button. With our advanced scheduler, display the right content at the right time.  Packed with features and designed exclusively for Masajids, it’s a must have for every Masjid.

Boost Attendance

Your Salah & Iqamah timings
listed on our web directory and our phone app. Reach thousands of users that are in the vicinity of your Masjid. Simply maintain the timings on Masjidal and your Masjid will be listed at no cost.

Easy Integration

Multiple options available to easily integrate Salah & Iqamah timings to your website. From iFrame options to advanced api’s available, pick an option that fits your needs.


Monthly Timetable

Interactive monthly prayer timetable for your congregation. Multiple templates available for you to choose from. Simply link it to your site and eliminate the manual creation of monthly timetables.

Mobile App

No need to spend thousands on developing your own mobile app. Reach a greater number of users on our app by displaying your content, messages, prayer timings, notifications and even images. Click to read more about the Athan+ app.


The Masjid is an institution that binds Muslims to Islam, gives its community roots. It is the core around which attendees can build their lives.

Masjidal solutions use cutting-edge technology to strengthen that connection; fostering relationships between communities and their Masjids. We strive to make Masjidal-member mosques the nucleus of their community, and Islam the focal point of congregants lives.

At Masjidal, we provide an easy to use, cloud based solution that allows easy management for your Iqamah timings and content management. You can also choose to use the other features that are included for your masjid account. Most of our service offerings are FREE to use (hardware not included / some features might require paid subscription).

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