Athan Frame

Content and Features

Quran Reciters

Full Quran (Audio Only)

  • AbdulAzeez Al-Ahmad

  • AbdulBaset AbdulSamad

  • Abdur Rahman As-Sudais

  • Adel Kalbani

  • Ahmed ibn Ali al-Ajmy

  • Ibrahim Al-Akhdar

  • Maher Al-Mueaqly

  • Mahmoud Khaleel Al-Husary

  • Mishari Rashid Al-Afasy

  • Mostafa Ismaeel

  • Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi

  • Saad Al-Ghamdi

  • Yasser Ad-Dussary

  • AbdulBaset with English Translation (Pickthall)

  • Mishari with English Translation (Saheeh)

  • Waheed Qasmi with Urdu Translation



Stories of the Prophets (Audio Only)

  • Mufti Ismail Menk

  • Maulana Kamal Uddin Khan – Safar Publications (Kids)


Live Streaming

Video Streaming Including

  • Makkah Live

  • Madinah Live

  • Various Masjid Streaming




  • Makkah

  • Madinah

  • Mishari Rashid Al-Afasy

  • Yousuf Ali

  • Sheikh Mohammad Refaat (Original)

  • Load your own Athan

Radio Stations

Islamic Bulletin

  • Quran for the Heart

  • Islamic Bulletin

  • Women’s Wisdom

  • Deenagers Youth Radio

  • Ruqya Healing

  • Nurun Ala Nur

  • River Nile Radio Station

  • Quran Tafsir

  • Quran for the Soul

  • Mercy to Mankind

  • Radio Quran Makkah

  • The Holy Quran Radio Cairo

  • Sirat Al – Mustaqim

  • Riyad as-Salihin

  • Urdu Radio

  • Radio Islámica (Español)

  • Radio Islam (Français)

  • Radio Islam (Deutsch)

  • Radio Islamica (Italiana)

  • Radio Islam (Chinese)

  • Rádio Islâmica (Português)

  • Tigrinya Radio Station

  • Amharic Radio Station

  • Radio Al Bayan Radio (Australia)

  • Radio Islam Live (South Africa)

  • Radio Coran- Algerie

  • Radio Islam Morocco

  • Quran Radio – Nablus

  • Sirah/Sahabah/Hajj Radio



Life of the Final Messenger (Audio Only)

  • Mufti Ismail Menk



Morning & Evening (Audio Only)

  • Senan Hafez

✔ Display local Masjid’s athan and iqamah timings

✔ Athan/Iqamah times on screen

✔ Five daily athans (audio/visual)

✔ Prayer times for most cities

✔ Option to select different Athans

✔ Load any Athan that you like (even your child’s Athan)

✔ Multiple Quran reciters (audio only)

✔ Islamic radio stations in various languages

✔ Specific audio content for kids

✔ Live video streaming from select Masjids

✔ Current weather and detailed forecast

✔ Dua/Verse based on current weather

✔ Touchscreen and Wifi enabled

✔ Tahajjud athan

✔ Morning & Evening adhkars (audio only)

✔ Event based content

✔ Scheduler to automatically play Surahs & adhkars

✔ Display Gregorian and Hijri dates

✔ Daylight savings time based on location

✔ Athan dua with meaning (audio/visual)

✔ Option to set reminder prior to each Iqamah

✔ Automatically adjust timings based Masjid updates

✔ Event/program reminders from Masjid

✔ Daily verse, hadith and dhikr reminders

✔ Special Islamic day reminders (Ramadan, Eid etc.)

✔ Display monthly prayer timetable

✔ New functionality added on a regular basis

✔ Bluetooth connectivity for additional speakers

✔ 10 inch or 14 inch HD display

✔ Updates automatically with new features

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