Extend your Reach.

Your Masjid content on our phone app. Now reach thousands of users without the development cost or any overhead maintenance. 


An app for your Masjid.

The Masjid is an institution that binds Muslims to Islam, gives its community roots. It is the core around which attendees can build their lives.

Athan+ displays all Masjidal-member mosques in an easy to read format for the user. And we are not talking about the basic Masjid information but enhanced content so that a true bond can be created between the community and the Masjid. With this app, you can also extend your reach to users visiting the area. Your Masjid timings and content displayed on every user of the app. Your Masjid timings and content displayed on every user of the app. And best of all, basic features are free – free for the user and free for the Masjid (click here to see the list of full features for the user).

Only ATHAN+ by Masjidal gives you:

Enhanced Announcements

Display custom content such as program reminders, announcements, donation requests and much more. Add links to each image so that users can get more information easily

Iqamah Reminders

Athan+ phone app is designed to strengthen the connection between the community and their Masjids. Set your Iqamah times and let users be automatically reminded before your Masjid’s Iqamah time encouraging users to come to the Masjid on time

Collect Donations

Athan+ app allows you to integrate your donation page to the app. Its your donation page, the one that you use on your website or any custom donation page that you want to use (no commission or processing charge by Masjidal) 

Custom Buttons

Easily add custom buttons on the Athan+ app to meet any use case that your Masjid may have such as QR registration, fundraising, program signups or subscribing to your email list

Display Events

Easily integrate your Masjid’s Google calendar with the Athan+ app. Display all upcoming events including online links and conference call numbers keeping users informed

Features for your Masjid

You can sign up for your Masjid for free. Every account comes with the Basic plan. 

Nurture Your Islam. It’s a Gift for Generations to Come.